Physiotherapy Consultation


Your Consultation:

–  Advanced Technological Testing
– Identifying the Root Cause of Pain
– Hands-On Treatments 
– Bespoke Rehabilitation Plans
– On-Going Support to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Sports Massage

£55 (60 minutes)

Ideal for those seeking a full-body deep tissue massage, perfect for pre or post-sporting events or anyone desiring deep relaxation and muscle recovery. Suitable for individuals targeting multiple areas.

Sports Massage

 £45 (45 minutes)

Designed for those needing focused attention on 3-4 specific areas, our 45-minute sports massage is perfect for addressing localized muscle tension.
Sports Massage 

£35 (30 minutes)

Great for individuals seeking a deep tissue massage for one or two specific areas, especially before or after sporting events.

medical acupuncture

 £45 (45 minutes)

Experience our specialized medical acupucnture technique designed to reduce pain, alleviate muscle spasm, and accelerate recovery from injuries to muscles, tendons, fascia, and ligaments.

Dry Cupping therapy

£45 (45 minutes)

Enjoy our dry cupping therapy, which includes a therapeutic massage of one specific area. Ideal for those looking to reduce pain and enhance recovery.

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